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Message from the president.

MITSUI FINE CHEMICALS, INC. was established in 1976 as a trading company combining strong technical service capability and flexibility to promote the development and marketing of new fine chemical products.

Since then, we have provided the "best solutions" to our customers and sought to be a company which customers can call a "reliable and trustworthy best partner."

Last year, the Mitsui Chemicals Group formulated the VISION 2030 long-term management plan and declared its intention to help solve social issues in prompt fashion and contribute to a sustainable future.

As a member of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we will also continue doing our best to be able to contribute to our customers' sustainable future and we look forward to your continued support.

Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc. President and CEO:Satoshi Tsuruda

President and CEO

President's Bio

Yasunori NISHIYAMA became President and CEO of Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc. on April 1, 2022.

After graduating from Tokyo University, NISHIYAMA joined Mitsui Petrochemicals Industries, Ltd. in 1985. After working in many different areas including Accounting, Business Planning and the Health Care Business, he became Executive Officer and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division and formulated the 14th Medium-Term Management Plan in 2013. In 2015, NISHIYAMA became Business Sector President of the Health Care Business Sector, Remaining General Manager of New HC Business Development Division and President of Whole You, Inc., residing in Silcon Valley. For five years from 2017, he was stationed in New York, serving as Representative in the Americas and President of Mitsui Chemicals Americas, Inc. NISHIYAMA's hobbies include being good to his parents and Argentine Tango (he dreams of becoming a professional dancer).

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