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Corporation Information
Message from the president.
Specializing in chemical products, as a trading and market development company of Mitsui Chemicals Group, we always offer the solutions to all our customers and will make every effort to become the best partner.

Our company was established in 1976 as a company of Mitsui Chemicals group specialized in chemical products.  Later on, we merged with 3 other affiliated companies of Mitsui Chemicals Group and, in 2009, became Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc., which we are known as today.

With 2016 marking the 40 year anniversary since the founding of our company, we are now planning to develop into a new stage.
Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc. President and CEO:Satoshi Tsuruda
President and CEO:Satoshi Tsuruda
1.Basic Management Policy
  • 1)We contribute to society and are constantly promoting development by strengthening relationships with customers and delivering differentiated "Special Niche Chemicals" with utilization of Mitsui Chemicals Group's high quality and extensive technology as well as our mobilized market development power.
  • 2)Not just a company specialized in chemicals, immediately responding to customer needs, we also design, produce and sell optimal products to customers by promoting strategic relationships among material suppliers, contract manufacturing partners, distribution partners and the like with utilization of our unique high-quality technology and human network.
2.Business Domains  
  • 1)Existing Business Domains
    We reviewed our business portfolio in 2012 and defined each position of the 4 existing businesses in the following categories:
    Core business aiming at growth and expansion:
    (1)Personal Care Materials Division
    (2) Functional Polymeric Materials & Products Division
    Fundamental business for ensuring stable Revenue
    (3)Fine Chemicals Division
    (4)Inorganic Chemicals Division
    Both core and fundamental businesses aim for at constant development while differentiating ourselves from the competition. In addition, we will grow alongside our customers while actively creating “Special Niche Chemicals” in which our strength in technology can be utilized to the fullest.
  • 2)New Business Domain:
    We have focused on the fields of personal medical materials and functional polymeric materials & products where we can expect our future development, and closely cooperated with external partners such as universities and venture companies not only for our ongoing in-house development but also creation and development of new businesses.
    Especially, we are promoting development of new products and markets as we move from Business-to-Customer business to Business-to-Business centered business based on keywords such as “Health”, “Safety and Security”, “Comfort”, “Convenience” and so on. Established in 2016 as an organization in charge of business creation. we created the new development division to  promote the development of new products and marketplaces.. We take actions in order to accelerate the time-to-market speed of our various new products.
3.Thorough Quality Control:  

While complying with regulations for chemical products, which are becoming increasingly harsher year by year, we do our upmost to stably deliver high quality products and services which can gain customer trust by carrying out thorough quality control.

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