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Personal Care Materials Division:We handle ingredients for hair color, isopropanolamine, functional chemical products and intermediates, medical and agrochemical related materials, food products and feed additives, functional coloring material, and other various types of personal care related materials.
Functional Polymeric Materials & Products Division:We handle functional resins (high heat resistant resins, semiconductor related materials, ion exchange resins), resin compounds, resin molds (conductive sheets), resin additives, etc. and other various types of resin related products.
Fine Chemicals Division:We cover various resin (amide, imide, urethane, epoxy, olefin, etc.) raw materials, resin modifiers, additive agents and solvents, and cleaning and boiling compound raw materials. We also take formulation requests.
Inorganic Chemicals Division:We deal primarily with inorganic chemicals such as caustic sodas and hydrochloric acids and their derivatives (sulfuric acid soda, hypochlorous acid soda), etc. We also deal in the sale of various products such as vitriol oil, phosphoric acid, urea AdBlue, and deoxidants (AgelessR), etc.
New Product and Market Development Sector:We conduct new product development and marketing development focusing on personal care, health care, and the medical materials field, as well as functional resin and the processed products field.
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