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Functional Resins
Resin type
Methylpentene polymer

Releasable (surface tension 24mN/m)
Transparency (light transmission rate 90% and above)
Heat resistance (melting point 230℃)

Lightweight, chemical resistance, electrical insulating properties, gas permeability(the O2 permeability is 10 times HDPE), has food safety compliant brand
Release paper for synthetic leather, food wrap film, baking cartons, agrochemical bottles, blood bags, medical syringes, LED molds, tableware for microwave oven, release film for printed boards
Hi-zex millionTM
(lubmer, mipelon)
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
Wear resistance, impact resistance (izod non-destructive impact value), highly slidable, chemical resistance, has food safety compliant brand Lining material for hoppers and silos, food conveying equipment parts, papermaking machine parts, high-strength fiber, sintered body filters, prosthetic materials, battery separators, ski soles
Cyclo polyolefin copolymer
Moisture-proof property, optical property, heat resistance (Tg80~145℃), transparency,(light transmission rate 90% and above), high refractive index PTP sheets, medicine containers, food packaging film, pickup lenses, fθlenses, CDs、IC wafer cases, shrink film, easy cutting film
Modified polyamide 6T
Heat resistance, low water absorptivity, chemical resistance Electric and electronic parts (SMT connector, switch), automobile mechanism parts (cooling water peripheral components, hydraulic piston), heat resistant sliding parts

Thermoplastic polyimide

Heat resistance (melting point 388℃, Tg250℃)

Low-outgas, plasma resistance, high strength retention under high temperature, highly slidable, radiation resistance (can endure gamma-ray 10,000 megarada), chemical resistance

Copying machine parts (gear, separation claw)
Automobile mechanism parts (thrust washer, seal ring)

Electric and electronic parts(IC、LD、HDD related product, manufacturing jig,  heat resistant tray)
UltrasonTM is a registered trademark of BASF

Polyester sulfone (PES)

※ We handle polysulfone (PSU) as well.
Heat resistance(Tg225℃), dimensional stability, high temperature rigidity,  moldability, flame retardant

Electric and electronic parts, OA precision measuring equipment, medical member, food member(ovenware)

BASF product


XL series
Xyloc resin

Hexamine compounded phenolic resin

High heat resistance

Heat resistance and crack resistance molding material
Heat resistance and crack resistance break



RS and RN series
Elastomer modified novolak

Hexamine compounded phenolic resin, crack resistance, vibration absorbent, dimensional stability

Impact resistance

Heat resistance and crack resistance molding material
Heat resistance and crack resistance break

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