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Hydrochloric Acid and Chlorine Derivatives
   :Chemical Substances Control Law Number
Name and Structural Formula
Standard • General Properties
Hydrochloric Acid
35% and above

Ship: 500~600t
Tank lorry: 4~10t

Plastic can: 22 kg, 24 kg
Dye compound, aroma chemical, agrochemical medicine, soy sauce, various inorganic chlorides, other chemical goods manufacturing, sheet iron • sheet steel rust prevention 1-215
CAS No.7647-01-0
Non-medical deleterious substance
Sodium hypochlorite

Low sodium

Effective chlorine 12% and above

Tank lorry: 3~10t

Plastic can: 20 kg
Paper, pulp, fiber bleaching, water and sewer sterilization, oxidant, deodorizer, brewing additive 1-237
CAS No.7681-52-9
Calcium chloride

Liquid form: 35% and above

Powder form: 70% and above

Liquid form • tank lorry: 5~10t

Powder form • plastic bag: 25 kg
Concrete hardening accelerator, road deicing agent, snow melting agent, refrigerating machine brine, tofu coagulant 1-176
CAS No.10043-52-4
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