posicaTMkukkiriTM film

posicaTM kukkiriTM film


posicaTM kukkiriTM film


A window film that can change your world!


KBL30, KBL45, KBL60: 1,550 mm x 30 M

  • What is posicaTM kukkiriTM film


posicaTM kukkiriTM film uses Mitsui Chemicals Inc.’s proprietary dyestuff technology to enhance the clarity and brightness of the view through windows. The film will bring enhance views of blue sky and clouds, ocean, greeneries, red flowers. Also, it makes food items look more fresh and delicious!





  • posicaTM kukkiriTM film features 
Clear View

Easy Reading


Enhanced Portraits


  • Application 

Resort Hotels

Display Cases

Tourism, commercial facilities


  • Why posicaTM kukkiriTM film?
posicaTM kukkiriTM film with our polymer technology promises people a better window view without changing natural perception. With this brand name, we wish to bring all the people happiness and joy of life.


  • How it works?

posicaTM kukkiriTM film is made of PET material, hard coating layer, adhesive layer, and separator. Mitsui Chemicals Inc.’s  proprietary  dyestuff material absorbs yellow light (Fig. 1) which r esults in enhancing the contrast of buildings, and darkening of some colors to make the contrast sharper (Fig. 2) . It removes yellowish color in white objects to make it brighter and clearer.

Fig.1 The spectrum of sunlight and the area blocked
by posicaTM kukkiriTM film
color change

Fig.2 The change of color formation through the film
○:No film
□: With film


  • Customer Success Stories
    Clouds appear whiter, clarity of the window view

    Fig.3 Aquagrace Chapel (Okinawa Watabe Wedding)
    Clearer outline of buildings, better clarity in the air

    Fig.4 “Kukan-jizai” Workplace for “Flexible Life Design Project” near Takanawa Gateway Station


  • Functions



  • Structure


  • Optical propertiesproperties


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